What To Expect

Getting Started:

60-minutes before the ceremony begins, I will arrive to set up.

  • The first 30 minutes are spent setting up and scouting the venue for the best angles.
  • 30-minutes before the ceremony begins, I will be completely ready.
  • Both your officiant and the groom will be mic’d to ensure great audio
  • I will be professionally dressed in black slacks and a button down shirt.

The Ceremony

Bring on the tears!

  • The officiant and the groom will be mic’d to ensure great audio for the ceremony.
  • Your video will begin with shots of the venue and candid shots of guests as they arrive.
  • The ceremony will be fully edited, panning between all cameras, with the music from your wedding.
  • 3-4 cameras will be used for your ceremony.
    → Two on tripods, one to the left and one to right of the alter area.
    → Depending upon the venue, possibly one additional camera hidden in the front to get a front view.
    → And one camera to be to be set up in the back, positioned down the middle isle.

→ This camera will also be used for the processional.
→ I will be situated at the front to capture everyone as they come down the isle with this camera.

  • During the ceremony, I will discreetly move between the cameras to monitor them for optimal angles.

The Reception:

All the important moments will be captured…as well as those moments that no one expected!

The reception section of the DVD is typically broken up into the following chapters*:

  • 1. Speeches: Using two cameras, panning between each camera to capture different angles.
  • 2. Reception Montage: A montage-like video of your reception with all the important moments such as cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss etc.
  • 3. Other special events: Did you sing to your new spouse? Or did your family do a special, unplanned event?
    Those type of events will be fully captured and edited as well.
  • 4. Highlight Video. A beautiful overview  of your entire day starting from the time I arrive.  Think of this as the “music video” of your wedding.  This section is between 5-10 minutes. It is set to music from your wedding. It’s fun, sentimental and a great overview of your entire day.

    * Video chapters delivered are dependent on the package purchased.

The final product:

Once your content is edited, it will be uploaded to a private web page for you to review the content.

  • You will have 30 days to request edits.
  • I am happy to make any changes you would like.